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Classic Collection
Designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing permeable surface that is pedestrian friendly and functional for vehicular traffic, Aqualine Series by Belgard® combines interlocking spacer bars, a smooth surface with a micro-chamfer, and joint openings designed to optimize infiltration and maintenance. All units are part of either a 3-inch or 4-inch dimensional increments to allow for true installed dimensions.



3 x 12

80 mm

4½ x 9

4½ x 9

80 mm


6 x 6

80 mm


6 x 12

80 mm

9x9 L-Stone

9 x 9

80 mm


12 x 12

80 mm

Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Blended Colors





Solid Color - Desert

Solid Color - Foundry

Solid Color - Graphite

Solid Color - Linen

Solid Colors










Textures & Laying Patterns

Textures & Finishes

Smooth (Non-Process)

Unit surfaces and micro-chamfers are carefully molded using a high-quality precision machined steel shoe assembly which creates units with an extremely smooth surface and precision detailed chamfer.

Shot Blast (Un-Sealed)

Exposes the surface of the paving unit to reveal the natural beauty of the aggregates and pigmentation.

Ground Face (Un-Sealed)

The top of the paving units are ground smooth which exposes the aggregate colors and pigmented background.


Aqualine Patterns

Aqualine 1-Piece Running Bond Patterns

Aqualine 1-Piece Basket Weave Patterns

Aqualine 1-Piece Herringbone Patterns

Aqualine 1-Piece Stack Bond Patterns

Aqualine 2-Piece Herrinbone Pattern

Aqualine 2-Piece Running Bond Pattern

Aqualine 2-Piece Spanish Bond Pattern

Aqualine 3-Piece Mechanical Install Ashlar Herringbone Pattern

Aqualine 3-Piece Ashlar Running Bond Pattern

Aqualine 3-Piece Ashlar Stack Bond Pattern

Aqualine 3-Piece Box Pattern 1

Aqualine 3-Piece Mechanical Install Ashlar Herringbone Pattern

Aqualine 3-Piece Mechanical Install Ashlar Running Bond Pattern

Aqualine 9'' Mechanical Install L-Shape Multi-cobble Herringbone Pattern

Aqualine 9'' Mechanical Install L-Shape Multi-cobble Running Bond Pattern

Aqualine 4.5 x 9 Mechanical Install Herringbone Pattern

Technical Resources

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Belgard PICP Pavementapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement Adjacent to Buildingapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement to Outlet Structureapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement to Roof Drainapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement Transition to Asphaltapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Flow Damsapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Impermeable Linerapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Landscape Islandapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Observation Port Insideapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Observation Port Outsideapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Parking Bumperapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Pavement w/ Underdrainapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf1 MB

Project Profiles

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement - Atlanta, GAapplication/pdf185 KB
Pavement Retrofit Project_City of Atlantaapplication/pdf331 KB
Milwaukee Farmers Market Aqualineapplication/pdf378 KB

Data Sheets

Aqualine Series Product Data Sheetapplication/pdf839 KB
Aqualine 3 x 12 Data Sheetapplication/pdf871 KB
Aqualine 4.5 x 9 Data Sheetapplication/pdf658 KB
Aqualine 6 x 6 Data Sheetapplication/pdf771 KB
Aqualine 6 x 12 Data Sheetapplication/pdf593 KB
Aqualine 9 x 9 L-Shape Data Sheetapplication/pdf790 KB
Aqualine 12 x 12 Data Sheetapplication/pdf529 KB
Aqualine 12 x 12 L-Shape Data Sheetapplication/pdf541 KB
Aqualine Ashlar 3-Piece Data Sheetapplication/pdf813 KB
Aqualine Ashlar 3 PCS - Data Sheet GMS

Installation & Maintenance Guides

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers Construction Checklistapplication/msword175 KB
Belgard PICP Operation and Maintenance Guideapplication/pdf1 MB
PICP Post-Construction Servicesapplication/pdf614 KB

Guide Specifications

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Specificationsapplication/msword74 KB