Paving Systems

Get the versatility and durability you need to create surfaces that are ideal for either pedestrian or vehicular applications.


Design Support

Our experts can help you achieve all of your paver project goals with product recommendations to improve performance and aesthetics.


Product application recommendations

Get product size, shape and thickness recommendations for your project based on usage, traffic types and more.

Laying pattern recommendations

Create eye-catching paver patterns with help from our team, whether you’re looking to recreate a popular design, download hatch patterns or create a unique pattern of your own.

Cost estimating and life cycle cost analysis

Determine total costs up front, including installation and lifetime maintenance.

Belgard Commercial Walkway

Engineering Assistance

From pedestrian applications to paver roadways required to support heavy vehicular loads, our team can assist with every step of the pavement system design process.

Design services

Get input from our team of experts to optimize your site and make sure your design meets the project objectives.

Project specifications and construction details

Get downloadable standard guide specifications and construction details, plus input about how to customize project specifications and drawings to meet your project’s needs.

Constructability reviews

Tap into Belgard experts for input and recommendations — it never hurts to have a second set of eyes to avoid questions or conflicts after construction has begun.


Our role doesn’t end once the paver system is installed. Our team can continue to provide expert guidance throughout the pavement life cycle.

Project-specific O&M documents

Maintain your paving system with a custom manual that addresses utility repairs, winter maintenance and routine cleaning procedures for the specific paving material and site conditions.

Cleaning options

Ensure the beauty of your hardscape project with input from our team about the proper cleaning and sealant products for your needs.

Maintenance Contractor Recommendations

Let us help you find the right maintenance contractor for your project. We’ll recommend a resource who can get the job done.

Paver Cleaning

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Paving Systems Support

For pedestrians or vehicles — design for any application.

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