SWM Pave by Belgard Commercial

An Engineered System providing a 5-in-1 stormwater management solution that combines a long-lasting, heavy duty driving surface with collection, water quality, conveyance, and storage. Belgard Commercial’s collaborative design process assists from concept through completion.


Design Support

Our experts work with your team to create innovative stormwater solutions that reduce cost and increase development density.


Regulatory Assistance

Overcome regulatory hurdles with assistance from our team of experts. We review local requirements and work with your team to provide the documentation needed for approval.

Construction Details and Specifications

Harness all the functions of a permeable paver system and boost curb appeal with our paver design services, construction details and project specification writing assistance provided by our team of engineers who have decades of stormwater management design experience..

Cost Estimating and Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Make informed decisions when our team assists you with up-front cost estimates or a life-cycle cost analysis in conjunction with our preliminary design package.

Stormwater Detail

Construction Detail

As the foremost experts in the industry, we can assist with every step of the design process to ensure that your system will meet or exceed project goals — from site optimization to stormwater harvesting.

Constructability Reviews

Reduce waste, improve installation efficiency and decrease downtime by having your plans reviewed by our experts — commercial paver installers with decades of experience.

Contractor Support

We have a wide network of authorized contractors that we can connect you with or provide support for contractors already on the project.

Project-specific Specifications and Details

Standard details do not always apply. We can work with your team to create project-specific details and specifications that meet your project needs.

Installation Details

Construction details are critical to the project’s success and long-term performance. Our team of experts provide installation guides and checklists which all play key roles in the long-term performance of the SWM Pave system.


Our partnership doesn’t end when the project is complete. We continue to provide ongoing guidance to help ensure that your permeable paver system continues to function as designed throughout the lifecycle.

Infiltration Testing

Schedule a test with your local Belgard sales rep to determine if the system is functioning properly and assess if restorative maintenance is needed.

Project-specific O&M Documents

Promote long-term performance of permeable paver systems by working with our project team to modify or create a project-specific O&M that can be used to comply with SWPPP requirements.

Maintenance Support

Get guidance from our experts about proper maintenance procedures and timing, inspection checklists, plus access our database of available maintenance contractors.


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