Rooftop Support

Improve the performance of flat rooftops by converting them into usable spaces.


Design Support

We provide hands-on support for your rooftop designs to assist in the product selection and estimating process.


Material Selection

Improve aesthetic value and long-term performance of your rooftop pavers, pedestal systems and site furnishings when you allow our team to help you select the right materials for their intended use.

Cost Estimating and Layout Services

Improve the accuracy of your estimates with guidance from our experts about exactly how much product you need based on your project layout. Plus, get detailed maps to aid in the installation process.

Pedestal Estimator

Engineering Assistance

Our team of industry experts can assist with data, installation details, specifications and reviews to ensure that your project will meet or exceed your project vision.

System Design

Ensure system performance and that your proposal matches the design or architecture. Our team has the test data, installation details and component assembly instructions to help you nail down exactly what you need.

Project-Specific Specifications

Ensure consistency and unify details so that the product is installed how you wish. Our team can write specs, including component layouts, high-wind applications and installation details.

Constructability Reviews

Make sure your space is utilized as intended, that it’s created in a safe and stable environment and that you have the right products to accommodate your vision.


Our partnership doesn’t end when the project is complete. We continue to provide ongoing guidance to help ensure that your rooftop project continues to function as designed over time.

Cleaning Options

Ensure long-term usability and that everything is level and stable. We have comprehensive maintenance and care options specific to the product you select.

General Maintenance

Save yourself the headache of improper care. Our team helps you ensure your project is level and stable to help avoid settling and can help in guidance on adjusting pedestals as well as provide contractor recommendations for continued maintenance .

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