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Tandem® Wall retaining wall system designed by Belgard® Hardscapes provides the appearance of natural stone that will complement any hardscape. The innovative, versatile tandem wall system can be used to create attractive, curved or straight retaining and freestanding walls. Great for use in a wide range of light commercial hardscape projects.


Ashlar Tandem

7 x 13 3/16 x 2 5/8
7 x 15 13/16 x 2 5/8
7 x 18 7/16 x 2 5/8

Tandem Cap

3 ¼ x 24 x 15

Polypropylene Connector


Blended Colors


Danville Blend

Sable Blend

Silex Blend

Technical Resources

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Tandem Alternate Drop Structure Behind Wallapplication/pdfapplication/acad77 KB
Tandem Alternate Fence Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad104 KB
Tandem Capping Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad75 KB
Tandem Curve Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad110 KB
Tandem Drain Pipe Through Toe Slopeapplication/pdfapplication/acad179 KB
Tandem Drain Pipe Through Wall Fenceapplication/pdfapplication/acad137 KB
Tandem Individual Block Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad79 KB
Tandem Inside Anglesapplication/pdfapplication/acad83 KB
Tandem Inside Cornersapplication/pdfapplication/acad128 KB
Tandem Outside Anglesapplication/pdfapplication/acad84 KB
Tandem Outside Corner Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad117 KB
Tandem Recommended Install Patternsapplication/pdfapplication/acad101 KB
Tandem Reinforced Cross Section with Sidewalkapplication/pdfapplication/acad130 KB
Tandem Reinforcement Connection Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad88 KB
Tandem Typical Base Preparationapplication/pdfapplication/acad208 KB
Tandem Typical Base Step-Upapplication/pdfapplication/acad139 KB
Tandem Typical Cross Section with Parallel Utilitiesapplication/pdfapplication/acad108 KB
Tandem Typical Cross Section with Slopeapplication/pdfapplication/acad124 KB
Tandem Typical Details for Large Utilities Through Wallapplication/pdfapplication/acad151 KB
Tandem Typical Details for Small Utilities Through Wallapplication/pdfapplication/acad147 KB
Tandem Typical Details for Utilities Below Wallapplication/pdfapplication/acad208 KB
Tandem Typical Drainage Swale Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad152 KB
Tandem Typical Drop Structure Behind Wallapplication/pdfapplication/acad164 KB
Tandem Typical Excavation Oversizingapplication/pdfapplication/acad104 KB
Tandem Typical Fence Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad108 KB
Tandem Typical Gravity Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad97 KB
Tandem Typical Groundwater Intrusion Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad153 KB
Tandem Typical Guide Rail Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad109 KB
Tandem Typical Reinforced Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad130 KB
Tandem Typical Shoreline Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad178 KB
Tandem Typical Terrace Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad159 KB
Tandem Wall Abutting Structureapplication/pdfapplication/acad157 KB

Detail Charts

Tandem Wall Design Chartsapplication/pdf467 KB

Installation & Maintenance Guides

Estimating Chart for Geosynthetic Reinforcement with Tandem Retaining Wall Systemsapplication/pdf747 KB
Tandem Calculation Guideapplication/pdf582 KB
Tandem Installation Guideapplication/pdf12 MB