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Diamond Pro®

The Diamond Pro retaining wall system is a proven solution for tall walls, commercial developments, and other critical wall needs. This product provides a rough-hewn, multi-piece look with the installation speed of a single-piece system.

Features & Benefits

  • Rear lip locators easily establish a uniform wall batter
  • A matching cap completes the system
  • Multiple face styles available

Please refer to this page for information regarding Precautionary Statement & California’s Proposition 65.

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    • Diamond Pro – CAD Details
      7.75MB | .ZIP2.11MB | .DWG
    • Diamond Pro Typical Capping – PDF Detail
      107.00KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Base Preparation – PDF Detail
      226.42KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Base Step-up – PDF Detail
      165.61KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Reinforced Cross Section – PDF Detail
      170.81KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Gravity Cross Section – PDF Detail
      139.29KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Fence Cross Section – PDF Detail
      147.65KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Excavation Oversizing – PDF Detail
      142.21KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Fence Section with Sleev-It – PDF Detail
      147.71KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Guard Rail Section – PDF Detail
      147.87KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Terraced Wall Connection – PDF Detail
      338.21KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Terraced Wall Cross Section – PDF Detail
      227.75KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Cross Section with Sidewalk – PDF Detail
      179.71KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Drainage Swale Cross Section – PDF Detail
      252.61KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Cross Section with Crest Slope – PDF Detail
      173.03KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Shoreline Cross Section – PDF Detail
      252.61KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Groundwater Intrusion Cross Section – PDF Detail
      195.56KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Drain Pipe Through Toe Slope – PDF Detail
      223.59KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Drain Pipe Through Wall Face – PDF Detail
      167.32KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Cross Section with Parallel Utilities – PDF Detail
      155.58KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Utilities Below Wall – PDF Detail
      246.79KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Small Utilities Through Wall – PDF Detail
      193.23KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Large Utilities Through Wall – PDF Detail
      196.65KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Drop Structure Behind Wall – PDF Detail
      211.47KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Alternate Drop Structure Behind Wall – PDF Detail
      105.47KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Wall Abutting Structure – PDF Detail
      208.85KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Reinforcement Connection – PDF Detail
      108.83KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Outside Curves – PDF Detail
      213.26KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Inside Curves – PDF Detail
      112.16KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Outside Corners – PDF Detail
      342.56KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Inside Corners – PDF Detail
      385.68KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Outside Angles – PDF Detail
      112.60KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Typical Inside Angles – PDF Detail
      115.69KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Beveled Unit – PDF Detail
      112.76KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Straight Unit – PDF Detail
      111.62KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Stone Cut Unit – PDF Detail
      113.10KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Virtual Joint Unit – PDF Detail
      115.74KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Quarry Unit – PDF Detail
      112.72KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Smooth Unit – PDF Detail
      111.64KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Stone Cut Multi Piece Unit – PDF Detail
      120.00KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Beveled Face – National Cut Sheet
      411.81KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Quarried Face – National Cut Sheet
      407.00KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Smooth Face – National Cut Sheet
      482.52KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Stone Cut – National Cut Sheet
      570.52KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Straight Face – National Cut Sheet
      552.78KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Pro Virtual Joint/Vintage Face – National Cut Sheet
      545.29KB | .PDF
    • Diamond Series – National Cut Sheet
      782.41KB | .PDF
    • SRW Quick Reference Install Guide
      541.01KB | .PDF

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