Mega-Tandem 3-in-1 Wall System


This Mega-Tandem™ wall system designed by Belgard® provides the natural appearance of chiseled stone that will complement any hardscape. The innovative system provides ultimate design flexibility and can be used to create attractive, curved or straight retaining and freestanding landscape walls. Great for use in a wide range of commercial hardscape projects.

Please refer to this page for information regarding California’s Proposition 65.



12 x 24 x 3

12in Wall Depth with 7in Connector

27" Wall Depth with 21" Connector

46" Wall Depth with 41" Connector


6 ¾ x 18 x 3


Blended Colors

Contact your local Belgard representative for available colors.

Technical Resources

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Mega-Tandem Box Culvert Through Wall Faceapplication/pdfapplication/acad220 KB
Mega-Tandem Capping Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad139 KB
Mega-Tandem Corner Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad210 KB
Mega-Tandem Corner with Geogridapplication/pdfapplication/acad95 KB
Mega-Tandem Curve Wall Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad107 KB
Mega-Tandem Drain Pipe Through Toe Slope Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad307 KB
Mega-Tandem Drain Pipe Through Wall Face Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad387 KB
Mega-Tandem Drop Structure in Reinforced Zoneapplication/pdfapplication/acad186 KB
Mega-Tandem Fence With Sleeve-Itapplication/pdfapplication/acad254 KB
Mega-Tandem MSRW Component Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad79 KB
Mega-Tandem Pipe Outlet Through Wall Faceapplication/pdfapplication/acad215 KB
Mega-Tandem Potential Groundwater Intrusion Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad363 KB
Mega-Tandem Reinforcement Connection Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad89 KB
Mega-Tandem Sidewalk Above or Below Wall Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad265 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Base Leveling Pad Detailsapplication/pdfapplication/acad498 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Cross Section With Parallel Utilitiesapplication/pdfapplication/acad135 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Cross Section With Slopeapplication/pdfapplication/acad277 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Drainage Swale Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad306 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Excavation Oversizing Sectionsapplication/pdfapplication/acad252 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Fence Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad156 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Gravity Wall Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad273 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Guide Rail Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad157 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Reinforced Wall Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad219 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Shoreline Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad350 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Step Up and Down Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad256 KB
Mega-Tandem Typical Terraced Cross Sectionapplication/pdfapplication/acad363 KB
Mega-Tandem Unit Connection Detailapplication/pdfapplication/acad76 KB
Mega-Tandem Vertical Control Jointapplication/pdfapplication/acad82 KB
Mega-Tandem Wall Abutting Structureapplication/pdfapplication/acad367 KB
Mega-Tandem Cross Section with SRW Capapplication/pdf232 KB

Project Profiles

Mega-Tandem MSRW System - MN Vikings Training Camp Case Studyapplication/pdf215 KB
Mega-Tandem Project Profile - A system approach to a single solutionapplication/pdf655 KB
Mega-Tandem Project Profile - Traylor Residenceapplication/pdf205 KB

Data Sheets

Mega-Tandem Data Sheet - Nationalapplication/pdf4 MB

Installation & Maintenance Guides

Mega Tandem Install Instructionsapplication/pdf5 MB
Estimating Chart for Geosynthetic Reinforcement with Mega-Tandemapplication/pdf2 MB


IAPMO Report on Mega-Tandemapplication/pdf2 MB

Guide Specifications

Mega-Tandem Specification 048 KB