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Sterling® Wall

The Sterling® Wall System is a versatile solution for every landscape. Installation is simple with an easy to locate pin system and a battered retaining wall. This unique block can also be split to make a two-sided unit for a freestanding wall system and column units. The straight split texture provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape design wall.

Features & Benefits:

  • Build retaining walls with easy pin alignment and side view for placement visualization.
  • Block channels make easy pin alignment for battered or freestanding walls.
  • Score marks for splitting block to make a two-sided freestanding wall unit.
  • Center score mark provides guide for splitting to make corner or column units.
  • Hand holds allow for easier handling during installation.
  • Maximum gravity retaining wall height is 4 ft.
  • Retaining wall minimum inside radius, measured on the base course to the front of the units: 6 ft.
  • Retaining wall minimum outside radius, measured on the top course to the front of the units: 4 ft.
  • Maximum freestanding wall (FSW) height is 3 ft.
  • Freestanding wall minimum radius 4 ft.
  • Maximum column height is 4 ft.
  • Segmental retaining wall setback/system batter 10.6o.

Please refer to this page for information regarding Precautionary Statement & California’s Proposition 65.

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