Aqua Roc

Traffic Load & Compliance


Basic in form, with a clean modular shape, Aqua Roc™ permeable pavers are a practical choice that easily adapts to a wide range of design options. Strength and durability combine with environmental compatibility in a permeable stone paver that's ideally suited for commercial applications.

Please refer to this page for information regarding California’s Proposition 65.


Aqua Roc

4 ½ x 9

80 mm

Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Blended Colors

Contact your local Belgard representative for available colors.

Textures & Laying Patterns

Textures & Finishes
Please confirm textures and patterns with your local Belgard rep as there can be regional variations

No texture information is available for this product.

Please confirm textures and patterns with your local Belgard rep as there can be regional variations

Belgard Hatch Patterns

AquaRoc - Herringbone 90

AquaRoc - Basket Weave

AquaRoc - Herringbone 45

Technical Resources

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Belgard PICP Pavementapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement Adjacent to Buildingapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement to Outlet Structureapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement to Roof Drainapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement Transition to Asphaltapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/Flow Dams - Steppedapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/Flow Dams - Sloped application/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/ Impermeable Linerapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/ Landscape Islandapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/ Observation Port Insideapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/ Observation Port Outsideapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement w/ Underdrainapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Border Course Detailapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf
PICP Pavement Pedestrianapplication/x-zip-compressedapplication/pdf

Project Profiles

BMW of Dallas Parking Lotapplication/pdf
BridgeTower Heights Projectapplication/pdf
The Mill at Broadway Case Studyapplication/pdf
Old Woman Creek Research Reserveapplication/pdf

Installation & Maintenance Guides

PICP Construction Checklistapplication/pdf
PICP Operation and Maintenance Guideapplication/pdf
PICP Post-Construction Servicesapplication/pdf

Guide Specifications

PICP Guide Specificationsapplication/msword