Defining Public Spaces

The creative use of walls and paver patterns can separate an outdoor space into specific use areas, guide foot traffic, or create a specialized visual impact. The Belgard experts can work closely with your team to create public spaces that are both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

Pattern Versatility

Belgard offers a vast variety of sizes, textures, shapes, and colors in both pavers and retaining wall products. Our design experts can work with your team to utilize various patterns to achieve a variety of commercial site development goals -- whether it's to coordinate with a building's architectural style, create a unique and intricate design, or integrate a corporate logo directly into a paved area.

Site Stormwater Management

Belgard can work with your design team to address site planning for stormwater management issues including handling roof water, managing flat sites without underground conveyance systems, providing geo-reinforced slopes for retention ponds, or even eliminating retention ponds altogether with a PICP system.

Stormwater Harvesting

Communities with water shortage concerns or sustainability initiatives are often looking for methods of harvesting stormwater for reuse. The Belgard team can help you design the best PICP system for your particular climate and soil conditions to store stormwater underground, regulate the water volume, and even treat water for a variety of uses, including irrigation, toilets, cooling systems, and more.

Urban Environment

Belgard can work with your team to create a pavement plan to address a variety of urban environment issues, including reduction of deicing agents, reduction of the urban heat island effect, and increasing the health and lifespan of urban vegetation.

Optimizing Land Use

The key to maximizing a site's profit potential is to optimize land use. The experts at Belgard can help you look at a variety of options to optimize your site with PICPs and retaining walls, whether through slope control, creating retention areas that have alternate uses, eliminating a retention pond altogether, or increasing a building's footprint while meeting impervious cover requirements.

Defining Outdoor Space

Whether you're utilizing walls and pavers to divide a space into specific outdoor rooms, create seating or queuing areas, guide foot traffic, or turn a slope into a multi-level terrace, the Belgard team can help you make the most of an outdoor space.

Increasing Usable Space

Whether the goal is to increase the usable land in a high-sloped terrain, or to develop a way to increase a building's footprint amidst impervious cover regulations, the Belgard Commercial Hardscape site planning team can help you develop a design strategy utilizing retaining walls and PICPs to achieve those goals to optimize the site.