An Integrated Approach To Stormwater Engineering: SWM Pave By Belgard Commercial

Stormwater management is a critical component of any site plan – and Belgard Commercial is here to support your project at every step.

A strong stormwater plan will consider everything from site utilization planning to water quality to advanced hydrological modeling to ensure that project goals are met economically and sustainably.

The SWM Pave program from Belgard Commercial takes your stormwater plan to the next level, working with project leaders and engineers at every stage from Design to Construction to ongoing Maintenance.


The SWM Pave approach starts before you break ground. Our experts work with your team to consider regulatory planning, design and engineering of the permeable paver (ICPI) system, construction details, spec writing, cost estimating and a complete life-cycle analysis.

During the design phase, we will bring several layers of expertise to the table, including hydrological modeling, ICPI system design and segmental retaining wall design. These disciplines will work together towards an integrated solution that maximizes site potential and long-term project costs.


Once the site plan is well established, the SWM Pave program moves into the construction phase. Our network of authorized contractors will work across the entire project team to plan, scope and execute the install while adhering to Belgard Commercial best practices to ensure long-term performance of the stormwater system.


The third phase of the SWM Pave program is maintenance – a critically consideration for protecting the integrity and performance of the stormwater system.

A strong maintenance program is crucial to the long-term health of any stormwater system, and includes both routine and restorative measures for keeping your system operating at peak capacity.

In addition to defining the key testing and inspection methods, as well as providing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) guides, Belgard Commercial will also connect your project team with a network of authorized maintenance providers to execute the program to spec.


Contact Paul Cureton, Belgard Commercial’s Stormwater Engineering Expert for advice on how to get your next stormwater project off on the right foot.

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