Effective stormwater management minimizes flood risks and property damage, reduces environmental impacts and maintains compliance with state and federal laws. Belgard Commercial’s experts will work with the civil engineer with any design or planning issues related to Permeable Pavers to protect your property, preserve drinking water supplies and meet impervious cover requirements.

Preserving our Drinking Water Supply Through Stormwater Management Solutions

When utilizing PICPs or SRW enclosures as infiltration galleries to recharge the local groundwater as part of a stormwater management system, multiple factors can come into play. The experts at Belgard Commercial can help optimize your SWPPP construction design with the ideal PICP system or retaining wall configuration based on local soil conditions, the slope of the terrain and stormwater storage requirements

Controlling Stormwater Runoff Volumes

Stormwater compliance goals are typically to mimic, if not improve upon, a site's predevelopment hydrology by strategically controlling stormwater runoff volumes. Whether the strategy is to maximize stormwater infiltration, temporarily store the water for controlled discharge, or harvest water for reuse purposes, Belgard will help you develop stormwater management techniques to achieve your goals.

Controlling Peak Stormwater Discharge Rates

Native soils can play a large roll in development of the ideal stormwater management plan – especially when working with expanding clays or contaminated soils. Our experts can help design the ideal stormwater management system to slow the water flow during and after extreme storm events.

Preventing Downstream Impacts

The experts at Belgard Commercial can work with your commercial site design team to minimize the downstream hydrological impacts of a commercial development. Environmental stormwater management strategies can include the use of PICPs to remove stormwater pollutants, retaining walls to stabilize soil and control erosion, and underground storage options to reduce the thermal impact on receiving waters and aquatic life.

Improving Stormwater Quality

Belgard Commercial can help you determine how to achieve swppp compliance using SRWs to stabilize slopes and minimize, if not eliminate, erosion that detrimentally impacts stormwater quality. We can also help meet your stormwater compliance goals with PICPs, which are recognized by the U.S. EPA to improve water runoff quality by effectively reducing Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Phosphorus (TP), and Total Nitrogen (TN), amongst other chemicals, from already contaminated water.

Minimizing Land Consumed for Stormwater Runoff Management

The Belgard Commercial team provides creative solutions that maintain compliance with state and local stormwater ordinances while consuming much less land than the traditional retention/detention pond. Stormwater management solutions can also allow for alternative uses during dry periods. For example, retaining walls can be utilized to build amphitheater seating into the banks of the pond, thereby creating a functional recreational complex. Another option is to use SRWs to reduce the pond's footprint by creating near vertical side slopes. In addition, PICPs can eliminate the need for ponds altogether.

Meeting Impervious Cover Requirements

Local regulations often limit the amount of impervious cover that can exist on a site. The Belgard Commercial team can help you develop a stormwater management plan with a PICP system that will optimize land use and increase the allowable building footprint to maximize a site's potential income.

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