Case Study: Traylor Residence

James Traylor’s 60-acre residential property features approximately 1,500 linear feet that overlooks the scenic Brazos River in north Waco, Texas. The land at the river’s edge was slowly eroding and provided the family with no access to the river. Traylor’s goal was to halt the erosion issue, while also creating a serviceable area down to the water where he planned to construct a boat house, boat ramp and outdoor living space. Upon closer inspection, the project exhibited multiple challenges both from a design and installation standpoint.

Specifications called for a 10-foot wall; however, the excavation area was limited by the water table and several large trees, which left no room for a proper bury depth, or geosynthetic reinforcement lengths. “I was looking at a number of materials as possible solutions,” stated Traylor. “Belgard’s Mega-Tandem™ turned out to be the best, not only from a performance standpoint, but from the look I wanted. I knew the material would really enhance my property and complement my plans for the boat house and outdoor living space.” Mega-Tandem™ is a versatile, innovative system known for the natural appearance of chiseled stone that complements any hardscape.

Designed to meet challenges such as those at the Traylor residence, the system eliminated the need for a geosynthetic reinforcement and reduced the amount of excavation, yet still provided the structural integrity needed to support the 10-foot wall. Eliminating major excavation allowed Traylor to retain more of his property and save a number of picturesque cottonwood and hardwood trees along the river. Precision Contractors was hired for the installation and worked to bring the plans to life.

The company constructed the Mega-Tandem™ Mass Segmental Retaining Wall, then built a sidewalk on the top with an area large enough to accommodate Traylor’s golf cart. Instead of caps on top of the wall, the team utilized a four-foot wide piece of Tandem wall units and added a decorative wrought iron fence along the edge for safety. “There is no other wall that has the structural integrity and the look of Mega-Tandem,” stated Glenn Willis of Precision Contractors. “It was also easy to install. We watched a video and used the technical guide. After the first course, once we made sure the blocks went together, the rest was self-explanatory.”

PVC pipe was added between the blocks to run wire so low-voltage down lighting could be featured on the wall to increase visibility and enhance aesthetics. The path trails down to the river leading to the 20’ x 25’ paver patio, fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Dublin Cobble® was specified for the patio pavers. This classic paver features a gently distressed surface and antiqued edges that whisper quiet, timeless sophistication. Its casually elegant and timeworn feel provides the Traylor residence the look of the hand-laid stone of centuries-old Mediterranean villas.

The wall portion of the project was completed in less than eight weeks and was the first Mega-Tandem wall to be built in Texas.