Case Study: Alton Town Center, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Alton Town Center, a retail and entertainment destination in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is a 350,000 square feet mixed-use retail project. It complements an adjacent housing development by providing residents with a variety of stores, restaurants and other amenities within walking or biking distance from home.


Located within a high-traffic area, the challenge was to create a design that was pedestrian-friendly and that visually connected many destinations within the center. Additionally, the roadways represented the largest paved section within Alton Town Center, with approximately 150,000 square feet of pavers. It was important that these pavers be installed quickly because of the aggressive project schedule.


Designers specified interlocking concrete pavers in the sidewalks and roadways of the Alton Town Center and chose Belgard’s Belgard's Holland Stone and Moduline Series® pavers throughout. To create traffic markings on the roadways, such as stop bars, divider lines, turn arrows, and crosswalk lines, different colored pavers were incorporated into the design. Using accent colors like White, Yellow, and Cream instead of paint for traffic control ensured that the robust design will never look old and worn due to fading and peeling markings. The choice of pavers also provided financial savings on the project. Because the Holland Stone pavers could be machine installed, the process was three to four times faster than typical hand installation. The roads were completed in roughly two months using machine installation, with most of them finished before any of the stores opened. Additionally, a 12-inch wide band of cream-colored pavers was used to mimic curbs and bring attention to the crosswalks, rather than pouring header curbs, saving a substantial amount of time and close to $250,000 on the project.

Winner: 2021 HNA Project Awards Commercial Hardscapes Projects Over 15,000 SF


Now thriving with businesses such as Publix, PetSmart, L.A. Fitness, and more than two dozen restaurants and stores, Alton Town Center has become the hub developers intended—complete with a pedestrian-friendly, unified look. The final phase, which includes adding The Home Depot, will be completed by the end of 2021. The project garnered the top design award for commercial hardscape projects over 15,000 SF at the 2021 Hardscape North America Project Awards.