Dallas, TX
Installation Size 80,000 SF
Engineered By Highland Homes
Installed By Pave Pro - Dallas

Highland Homes

Project Specs
Products Used Holland Stone
Urbana<sup>®</sup> Stone
Location Dallas, TX Installation Size 80,000 SF Engineered By Highland Homes Installed By Pave Pro - Dallas
Belgard® Pavers Add Value and Appeal to Homes from The Lone Star State’s Largest Private Homebuilder


Highland Homes is the largest private homebuilder in the state of Texas, delivering upscale homes to residents in the state’s major metropolitan markets since 1985. In most of its past developments, Highland Homes traditionally used flatwork cement in the driveways and walkways. However, many areas in Texas feature expansive, clay soil that causes pavement to shrink in the summer, and swell and crack during the winter.

The Challenge

With expenses due to pavement replacement continuing to mount, Highland Homes went looking for a long-term solution and the company’s construction manager reached out to Belgard for a more functional option. Belgard offered Highland Homes a variety of commercial pavers to save money on maintenance and replacement. From a cost-savings standpoint, if a paver cracks due to shifting soil, individual pavers can be interchanged rather than replacing large sections of cement as in paved driveways or walkways.

The Solution

Pavers are also ideal for long-term remodeling or additions. If a resident chooses to add a pool or run gas lines underneath the drive, moving a minimal amount of pavers is much less expensive than cutting the driveway or boring beneath it. Another added incentive Highland Homes can pass along to the resident is the fact that homes using the pavers feature a one-year warranty on the labor and a lifetime warranty on the paver, which no builder offers on concrete. The warranty also is transferable, which enhances resale value for the original homeowner.

While Highland Homes’ construction manager enjoyed the functionality of the pavers, the design team was impressed with the wide selection of styles and colors. Belgard pavers were initially specified for the Windsong Ranch and Light Farms developments with the designers choosing Urbana® Stone in a Danville Beige color to feature in the model homes. Urbana® Stone offers a natural stone texture along with a three-piece modular system and optional large square for an even grander scale.

The Result

The paver’s versatility makes it ideal for use in driveways and walkways as well as other applications. Belgard also provided another option that Highland Homes chose as a standard feature for driveways, Holland Fossil Beige, an economical choice that perfectly matched the color palette of the development. With their simple shape and traditional appeal, Holland Stone pavers offer exceptional strength and durability, as well as its range of captivating color blends.

“The Belgard pavers both set us apart from the competition and help keep our long-term costs low. The quality and warranty help out our homebuyers, and making sure they’re happy with their purchase is our top priority.”

-Christian Morriss, Highland Homes Area Manager