With commercial property development, working with the Belgard design team early in the planning process is a key element to your project’s success. We have the expertise required to assist with addressing numerous commercial land development challenges.

Commercial Pavement System Design

When designing a commercial pavement system, multiple factors come into play -- soil type, stormwater management needs (in the case of PICPs), vehicular load requirements, local regulations and more. Belgard’s commercial land development experts can help you design a pavement system with the proper base and paver size, shape, texture and laying pattern to handle the specific needs of each project.

Designing for Concrete or Asphalt Overlays

Often, a paver system is planned for installation where an existing concrete or asphalt pavement is already in place. In many cases, Belgard’s commercial design services team can provide guidance on the best overlay option based on traffic and usage needs, thereby avoiding the costly removal of the existing pavement.

Handling H-20/HS-20 Loading

Belgard’s commercial design consultants can work with commercial land development teams to design pavement sections that will not only meet H-20/HS-20 loading requirements but exceed them by providing as much as 40 times the required strength.

Ensuring Compliance and Public Safety

Belgard’s commercial hardscape design experts are well-versed in meeting the 2010 ADA Standards for floor and ground surfaces and can help you choose the right products to meet the accessible design needs for both slip resistance and detectable warning surfaces.

SRW Slope Stabilization

Soil stabilization is the key to maintaining the integrity of slope and the project site. The experts at Belgard can help your commercial property development team create a segmental retaining wall design plan for grading commercial land that will increase usable land, prevent erosion and runoff, make the site safer and improve aesthetics.

Designing for Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion prevention is an important consideration of commercial land development. Soil erosion and stormwater runoff must be managed both during and after construction of a project to make a site both usable and safe. Belgard’s commercial design services team can help you design commercial landscape systems -- such as a combined retaining wall and PICP plan -- that can be a multi-faceted solution addressing both erosion control construction and stormwater management.

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