Diamond® 10DS

The dependability of Diamond® retaining wall systems has made them the preferred choice for decades. The Diamond® 10DS retaining wall system’s rough-hewn texture accents the wall as part of the surrounding landscape.

Features & Benefits: 

  • All system components are standard-split in-line
  • Rear lip locators easily establish a uniform wall batter
  • A matching cap and corner completes the system
  • Build gravity walls up to 3 feet 6 inches high, including the buried course.
  • Taller walls can be built using geosynthetic reinforcement when designed by a qualified engineer.
  • Minimum outside radius, measured on the top course to the front of the units: 3 feet
  • Minimum inside radius, measured on the base course to the front of the units: 6 feet

*All colors and/or products may not be available in all areas. Please inquire for availability and special order options.

Please refer to this page for information regarding Precautionary Statement & California’s Proposition 65.