GeoHold® Pro

Inspired by a top contractor in California, the GeoHold Pro is designed to meet specific geogrid requirements for active seismic regions. The innovative block design includes a front channel that allows for the addition of 3/4″ pipe to create a double layer, mechanical grid connection. Combined with a locator system that creates a near-vertical wall, the GeoHold Pro is designed to fit any retaining wall application and increase installation speed.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be installed as a gravity wall or geogrid-reinforced wall.
  • Weighing only 54 lbs., this 1 square foot block maximizes installation and shipping efficiencies
  • Front lug design produces a 9/16″ per unit setback for a 4° system batter
  • Cores can accommodate light fencing when combined with additional engineered elements
  • Ideally situated for retaining walls less than 15 feet tall
  • Can be used to build gravity walls up to 3′ 4″high*, including the buried course
  • Minimum outside radius, measured on the top course to the front of the units: 4 feet
  • Minimum inside radius, measured on the base course to the front of the units: 6 feet

Please refer to this page for information regarding Precautionary Statement & California’s Proposition 65.