Aqualine™ Series

Aqualine™ is a versatile paver featuring not only the environmentally friendly benefits of a permeable paver, but also high visual appeal, low maintenance and proven durability. Aqualine’s versatile pattern range allows for flexible design options, making it an excellent choice for vehicular use.

Features & Benefits

  • Can eliminate stormwater runoff and improve water quality
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM C936
  • Interlocking spacer bars for increased structural performance
  • Smooth surface texture with a micro-chamfer to minimize vibration and enhance wheelchair comfort
  • Can be utilized to construct an ADA-compliant pavement
  • True installed dimensions for design optimization
  • Optimal joint openings for infiltration and maintenance
  • Surface Infiltration Rate: > 500 inches per hour (varies based on joint infill gradation)

Please refer to this page for information regarding Precautionary Statement & California’s Proposition 65.