Complimentary LID Solutions

Many jurisdictions now prefer Low-Impact Development (LID) solutions as the first choice to manage stormwater runoff. In addition to Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICP), Oldcastle offers other LID Solutions to meet a variety of site constraints. These systems can be used as stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with PICP.

TreePod Biofilter System
BioPod systems utilize an advanced biofiltration design for filtration, sorption and biological uptake to remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS), dissolved metals, nutrients, gross solids, trash and debris as well as petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, BioPod systems are a proven, Low-Impact Development (LID) solution for storm water treatment. BioPod systems integrate seamlessly into standard site drainage and can accommodate a wide variety of vegetation to meet green infrastructure requirements.BioMod Modular Bioretention System
TerraMod® Modular Bioretention System is a modular precast concrete bioretention cell system that uses soil-based filtration to remove sediment, metals, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons, gross solids and trash from stormwater runoff. BioMod systems can incorporate non-proprietary, low flow rate media as specified by a local agency.Commercial plaza using a Belgard PICP System for sustainable stormwater management.
PICP providing all drainage at Gateway Village, Murfreesboro TN.