Mega-Tandem™ 3-in-1 Wall System Optimizes Site for Future Minnesota Vikings Headquarters

EAGAN, Minn. The Minnesota Vikings are renowned to have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. In planning the site for construction of the Vikings’ new headquarters and practice facility, the Twin City Orthopedic Performance Center, it was appropriate that the team’s strong defensive wall have the support of an equally strong retaining wall system optimizing the site for the new facility.

"The site has an extensive amount of grade changes," said Al Pfannenstein, National Hardscapes Account Manager for Belgard® Commercial, supplier of the project’s retaining wall system. "In addition to the building itself, there will be a stadium and five practice fields. This required a significant amount of stability."

According to Pfannenstein, the project was initially planned with a structural block wall system, but the design team discovered that the Mega-Tandem™ 3-in-1 Wall System could provide the stability they needed with an added benefit, a much more attractive look.

"The landscape architect loved the look. That’s really what sold the system," said Don Armstrong, Belgard® Commercial sales representative for the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center construction project. "The natural stone texture of the face, the color patterns. There’s just nothing else like it on the market."

Construction of the 3-in-1 wall system for the TCO Performance Center site has been completed, and the Viking’s training facility construction is now in progress. The 40-acre campus will include administrative offices, an outdoor stadium with seating capacity for 6,000, five outdoor practice fields, outdoor training areas, a team auditorium, a media center, a locker room, weight and equipment facilities, cardiovascular speed rooms, a hydrotherapy room, and post-workout recovery rooms.

The Performance Center facility is the first phase in an overall 200-acred planned development that is expected to include an on-site orthopedics center, offices, retail, residential, hospitality and a conference center for the Vikings headquarters as a development anchor. Construction has already begun on the next phase, Twin City Orthopedics, an 88,000-square-foot full-service on-site orthopedics center.

"The Vikings owner was so pleased with the look of the Performance Center's retaining walls, they authorized additional Mega-Tandem™ walls to be used for the medical facility," Armstrong said.

The initial project called for over 13,000 square feet of Mega- Tandem™ 3-in-1 Wall System retaining walls. The addition of the medical facility site brought the total to upwards of 16,000 square feet. Introduced in 2013 and still a relatively new product in the Minnesota market, this was the first Mega-Tandem™ installation for the hardscape installation contractor. The Belgard® Commercial team provided technical support to both help with the design and facilitate a smooth installation.

"There was an initial learning curve for the wall installer, but once they got used to the system, everything went well," Pfannenstein said. "Despite some rain delays, they were able to meet the construction timeline, and feedback from the installer was positive. They especially liked the look of the product."

General Contractor: Kraus Anderson
Engineering and Design Team: Gray Engineering, LLC, and Anchor® Wall Engineering, LLC
Wall Installation: Matt Barron, Hardscape Construction
Landscape Architect: Terry Minarik, Confluence

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