Case Study: Toll Brothers Pool Deck

Toll Brothers, Inc. is an award-winning Fortune 600 company that has been developing luxury communities across the country since 1967. The company offers the highest quality construction and superior architectural design in only the best locations in the United States. Belgard is proud to be one of Toll Brothers’ manufacturing suppliers and its premier hardscape solution partner.

In 2016, Belgard worked with Toll Brothers to complete a community pool deck for the company’s Hidden Canyon development, a single-family housing community in Irvine, California. The job was initially specified with a competing product, but Belgard was able to provide a high-quality alternative, Lafitt® Rustic Slab, that was not only cost effective, but also immediately available in a color that perfectly matched the existing exterior palette. In fact, Toll Brothers liked the product and color so much, the design team changed the pool coping colors to match.

Lafitt® Rustic Slab features the look and texture of natural cut slate combined with the lasting strength and staying power that are hallmarks of Belgard pavers. The spacious, 12,000-square-foot pool deck was designed to complement the luxurious Hidden Canyon resort-style recreation center, which features immaculate landscaping, palm trees, terracotta-roofed poolside cabanas, a fireplace and a multipurpose room for hosting parties and events.

The Lafitt® Rustic Slab scale—up to 15" x 22"— and its texture are unique to the Belgard line. The product offers three shapes allowing Toll Brothers’ design team a range of options to create a unique look for the recreation center pool deck.