Rainwater Harvesting using PICP Systems

Water harvesting utilizes a free resource to reduce municipal water supply costs, while complying with regional stormwater management guidelines.

In southern climates, a NO INFILTRATION system (complete with liner) can be used as the long term storage reservoir, with the water being used for irrigation and/or washing. Where the PICP is also serving a stormwater management function it is recommended that a computer system be used to regulate the water volume; control systems such as WAHASO (www.wahaso.com) monitor the weather forecast and will automatically draw down the water volume to accommodate project precipitation rates.
In northern climates, or where larger storage volumes are required, the PermeCapture system can be used. PermeCaptureT combines the pre-treatment benefits of PICP with the increased storage volume (90%) of structural precast concrete. The PermeCapture vaults are H-20 rated, and include proprietary ports in the lids to allow water from the PICP system to drain (precluding the need for separation geotextiles that may clog). Pump stations, polishing chambers, and treatment units (e.g. UV systems) can be added as required to provide improved water quality for use in toilets, cooling systems, etc.