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May 21, 1:00p ET: Porcelain Pavers: Applications, Inspiration + Installation

Porcelain is one of the most durable materials known to man, making it a perfect fit for delivering high performance – and high aesthetics – to hardscapes projects. This course explains the benefits of porcelain – including freeze-thaw resistance, impact resistance, skid resistance and more – make porcelain pavers the ideal solution.

May 28, 1:00p ET: Designing with Masonry for a Healthier Building Environment (1LU|HSW)

Optimizing the health, safety and wellness of building occupants is more critical than ever before. This course explores masonry design methods that will help you maximize air quality, minimize maintenance and protect against a myriad of threats so you can focus on delivering on your design intent.

June 4, 1:00p ET: Masonry vs. the Storm – Building for Resilience (1LU|HSW)

Today's storms are more intense, more frequent and more deadly than ever before, making the design and construction of resilient buildings critical. This presentation will discuss how masonry construction can help protect a building – and its occupants – from storm damage, return structures to use faster following a disaster and reduce the long-term cost of repairs.