Oldcastle Wall System Offerings Now Stacking Up to Greater Heights

Oldcastle® Architectural recently acquired Anchor Wall Systems, adding a strong patent portfolio from one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the segmental retaining wall (SRW) industry. The Anchor™ brands join the Belgard® wall systems line under the Oldcastle Building Products umbrella, increasing the versatility of Oldcastle’s wall offerings, raising it to stand head and shoulders above the competition.
Anchor brings a large portfolio of commercial retaining walls to join forces with Belgard to provide site solutions for commercial construction. Below are two flagship SRW products that were developed specifically for commercial construction.
Belgard Mega-Tandem™ Mass Segmental Retaining Wall™

Mega-Tandem MSRW brings completely new technology to the SRW industry. Suitable for gravity walls up to 10 feet in height, reinforced walls up to 15 feet, and freestanding walls up to 32 inches, Mega-Tandem implements a patented tandem installation system that creates structural integrity while allowing for beautifully finished walls that emulate natural stone. In many instances, Mega-Tandem can save time and installation costs by eliminating the need for excavation, and it has also been proven to function as a stable flood wall.

Mega-Tandem MSRW
Anchor Diamond Pro®

The time-tested strength of Diamond Pro often makes it the contractor’s choice for large-scale projects like bridges, DOT roadways, water channels, site developments, and more. Diamond Pro can be used to build gravity walls up to 4 feet in height and much taller walls using geosynthetic reinforcement or the Anchorplex™ system, when designed by an engineer.

Anchor Diamond Pro Wall

With the addition of the Anchor Wall System product line, Oldcastle now has over two dozen options for light commercial. Below are just a few samples of wall products available to create freestanding and retaining walls, seat walls, outdoor fireplaces, planters, terraced patios and more.

Anchor Diamond® 9D

These easy-to-handle light weight blocks are beautifully distressed and well-suited for curved or straight retaining walls, steps, planters, and raised patios.

Belgard Tandem Wall

With a patented installation system, Tandem offers a natural stone appearance and installs quickly to build curved and straight retaining walls and freestanding walls with a variety of modular patterns.

Belgard Weston Stone

This double-sided wall is ideal for garden walls, columns, and outdoor living elements. The tumbled double-sided stone appearance offers a wide range of design options.