Belgard is part of the Oldcastle® APG portfolio of products. As North America’s largest building material supplier, the extensive portfolio of Oldcastle® architectural products is backed by the foremost experts in the country. The Oldcastle network has the experience and scale to support development projects of any size, while still providing localized service and expertise. Our experts fully integrate with your design team during upfront preconstruction, specifications development, design and engineering to create cost-effective development and infrastructure solutions. We also offer on-site consultation during installation to ensure the success of each project.

Proper site planning can save significant time and money. Oldcastle experts will work with your land development team to increase land use efficiency, providing both preliminary and final stamped construction documents, turnkey pricing, insight into future pricing and lifecycle costs, and cost-benefit analysis for stormwater management.

Our land development solutions include reinforced concrete pipe, short span precast bridge systems, sight and sound walls, utility infrastructure products, precast concrete drainage products, wastewater systems, stormwater management solutions, hardscapes and architectural building products. This unique collection of offerings simplifies planning, specification and permitting to provide a faster turnaround of high-quality, engineered solutions that includes on-site installation support.


Oldcastle Infrastructure is an industry leader in engineered infrastructure solutions, offering more than 16,000 pipe, precast, stormwater, enclosure and building accessory products for land development. Our portfolio of concrete pipes, bridge systems, manholes and utility infrastructure products can provide turnkey solutions for your infrastructure needs.


Stormwater runoff can cause erosion or flooding and can accumulate pollutants to adversely affect downstream water quality. The Oldcastle network offers a wide range of systems to help you meet your stormwater goals regarding impervious cover requirements, land optimization and reduction of environmental impact.

Increasingly, stormwater management is going underground. Our combined systems of permeable pavers and detention vaults can help you meet Low Impact Development (LID) requirements without dedicating valuable land to detention or retention ponds. We can also help you develop integrated systems to treat stormwater, control peak volume rates or harvest water for reuse.

Manage Stormwater

  • Detention/retention/infiltration vaults
  • Plastic detention cubes

Treat Stormwater

  • Hydro separation
  • Media filtration
  • Inlet filtration
  • Trash capture

Green Infrastructure / LID

  • Permeable Pavers
  • Bioretention/Biofiltration
  • Water harvesting and reuse


The Oldcastle portfolio also includes the industry’s leading hardscape and concrete masonry products to create a look that will set your community apart from other developments. Belgard concrete and permeable pavers improve curb appeal and offer a more aesthetically pleasing look for common areas that also offer lower overall life-cycle costs. Belgard pavers and wall products can also be used to add upgrades to outdoor living areas, stabilize land, control erosion, reduce road noise or add embellishments to community entrances and common areas. Oldcastle also offers the comprehensive Echelon Masonry™ portfolio of structural block and architectural masonry and veneer for comprehensive development design solutions.

For more information on land development engineering solutions, contact belgard.designservices@oldcastle.com