Key Learnings From Stormcon 2019

Key Learnings From Stormcon 2019

StormCon is the nation’s largest annual conference dedicated to stormwater management and surface water quality. As harsher lights are continually shined upon the ripple effects of urban sprawl, municipalities and the construction industry continue to seek out solutions and innovations to address flooding and water quality issues. This year’s conference was recently held in Atlanta and was well-attended by city planners, engineers and others working with ever-evolving stormwater management codes and green initiatives in their markets. The Belgard team joined forces with Oldcastle Infrastructure to exhibit solutions for addressing these issues and offers the following takeaways from this year’s trade show.

Preserving Water Sources

There were many providers dedicated to keeping trash and pollutants out of rivers, lakes and waterways, as well as remediating already polluted waters. Visitors to the Oldcastle booth were able to learn more about using Belgard permeable pavers to filter out pollutants. There were also many booths dedicated to water screen and filtration covers for storm drains.

Monitoring Water Quality

As water quality was a primary focus of the event, many booths were dedicated to methods to monitor water quality. Visitors to the Oldcastle booth were able to learn about how Belgard PICPs have been proven to prevent stormwater pollution through the removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Phosphorus (TP) and Total Nitrogen (TN) from stormwater that filters through the pavement system.

Routine Maintenance of Stormwater Management Systems

There was a lot of buzz at the show about having a plan in place and the right tools to properly maintain stormwater management systems. Proper maintenance of permeable pavement systems is critical to maintaining optimum water infiltration into paver joints. Products like the PaveTech® Typhoon Maintenance System were showcased for their ability to help ensure the longevity of PICP systems.

Flood Control Solutions

Flood control was a hot topic throughout the show. Numerous purveyors in attendance offered barrier solutions for emergency situations. Visitors were able to learn more about how Belgard PICP systems can be designed to control stormwater runoff volumes long term, as well as control peak discharge rates. They also learned how Belgard permeable pavers can be used in conjunction with Oldcastle Infrastructure underground vaults to create the PermeCapture™ system to harvest and treat stormwater. The numerous city planners in attendance were interested in learning about Atlanta’s recent permeable pavement retrofit project, the largest in North America, and how it was successful in alleviated flooding of multiple urban roadways. READ THE CASE STUDY.