Key Learning from 2018 AIA & PCBC Trade Shows

The Belgard Commercial team busily travelled the trade show circuit throughout second quarter of 2018 in the constant quest to be immersed in the latest industry research, trends and technologies. Two of the shows attended focused on the latest and greatest offerings for the architectural design and build communities. June 21-23 saw the team travel to New York City for the American Institute of Architecture’s annual AIA Conference. The team then headed across the country to San Francisco on June 27-28 for PCBC 2018 — billed as The Art, Science + Business of Housing. Below are some the key takeaways from these important industry events.

The Wood “Look” Continues to Trend

At both shows, designers and builders were drawn to products that offered the look of wood with higher levels of performance. For example, attendees were interested to learn that Westile® Wood Pavers could provide durable high-performance wood flooring designs for rooftop terraces. Attendees were also drawn to the wood-look offerings in the Mirage® Porcelain Paver line, which offers several natural wood grain looks and textures with the stain-resistance, frost-resistance and mold-resistance of porcelain.

High Interest in the Look, Performance and Versatility of Porcelain

With trends moving towards larger tile shapes and monochromatic design schemes, booth attendees were interested in learning that numerous Mirage® Porcelain Pavers have coordinating Mirage® Porcelain Wall Veneers, as well as large-format shapes plus trim and step units. Builders were particularly interested in the fact that the wall veneers could be used both for interior and exterior applications, allowing for seamless transitions.

Builders Show Interest in Pedestal Installation Systems

High Interest in Planter & Bench Modules for Rooftops and Plazas

The design community was interested in the modular design capabilities of Westile® cubesas planters and benches to coordinate with various rooftop terrace and plaza designs.

Sustainable Design Continues to Drive Trends

Both in terms of the educational sessions and product exhibits, it’s clear that sustainable design continues to drive trends in both commercial and residential construction. Developers continue to be drawn to information about optimizing the available land for development by using permeable pavers as both an aesthetic and utilitarian solution for meeting stormwater management and impervious cover regulations.