Belgard Commercial PICP Post-Construction Services

Belgard Commercial PICP Post-Construction Services

All stormwater control measures, require post-construction activities to ensure effective long-term performance during its operational life. Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP), like all types of permeable pavement, require site-specific cleaning procedures, testing, periodic inspection and applicable maintenance. Belgard Commercial now offers a unique program available to commercial projects utilizing Belgard permeable pavers..

Property Owner Benefits

• Maintenance programs tailored to your needs and resources

• Confirmation that your permeable pavement system is performing as designed

• Seasonal and remedial maintenance to protect your investment by keeping your permeable pavement system functioning for decades.

The following post-construction services are available:

Project-specific O&M Manual

Belgard Commercial has developed Operation & Maintenance manual templates for commercial and municipal PICP projects. Assistance with developing a project-specific O&M manual can be provided.

ASTM C 1781 Surface Infiltration Testing

Belgard Commercial can provide initial surface infiltration testing along with a report documenting the methodology and results for municipal and commercial PICP projects. A fee may be charged based on site specific conditions, including project size and location of the project.

Seasonal PICP Maintenance

Belgard Commercial can recommend routine maintenance service contractors for commercial and municipal PICP projects. The frequency and cost of these service contracts is quoted on a project-specific basis.

Remedial PICP Maintenance

Belgard Commercial can facilitate remedial maintenance services on an as-needed basis to restore clogged areas with new joint fill and establish surface infiltration rates exceeding 100 inches/hour. Belgard Commercial will ensure that appropriate equipment will be operated by qualified and trained contractors approved by Belgard Commercial. Disposal of removed joint fill materials and installation of the proper replacement joint infill aggregates will be included in the scope of work. The cost of this program will be quoted on a project-specific basis. This program does not include routine/seasonal maintenance or any paver repair work. Projects that elect remedial maintenance can receive results of an ASTM C 1781 surface infiltration test upon completion of the scope of work.

When is Remedial Maintenance Needed?

Your permeable pavement may never need remedial maintenance if seasonally maintained. However remedial maintenance is sometimes required on older installations not seasonally maintained. An indication that remedial maintenance is needed is when rainwater pools on the permeable pavers or surface infiltration rates fall below 10 inches/hour. In addition, on some land development or phased construction projects, permeable pavers are installed early in the project and often are subjected to significant sediment loading prior to overall project completion or owner acceptance. Project developers, HOAs and municipal inspectors may require that the PICP system be restored to full surface infiltration capacity or to a minimum agreed upon rate to achieve final acceptance and approval. On projects subject to sediment loading during construction, Belgard Commercial recommends a remedial maintenance program be implemented to restore the PICP infiltration rate and jointing material, and will include this service in the project quote upon request.

For more information on Belgard Commercial’s PICP Post-Construction Services, contact your local sales representative.

Also ask you rep about the following registered Continuing Education programs that address PICP operation and maintenance:

• OC 113: Long Term Performance and Maintenance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Systems

• OC 116: Using Municipal Roadways to Control Stormwater in Urban Environments with Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement