The original retaining wall product, Keystone Standard is the industry leader for tall walls and critical structures. The height-to-depth ration delivers a structurally sound engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability, and strength. Available in two weathered finish face options: tri-plane and straight. Keystone Compac has a shortened tail design that makes it easier to handle and perfect for projects that do not require the embedment length of the Keystone Standard unit. Compac is available in three weathered finish face options: tri-plane, straight, and hewnstone.


Standard Straight Face

18 x 18 x 8

Standard Straight Face

8 x 18 x 21

Compac Curved Face

18 x 12 x 8

Compac Straight Face

18 x 12 x 8

Corner Unit

8 x 18 x 9

Universal Cap

4 x 18 x 10 ½

Straight Pin

½ x 5 ¼


Blended Colors

Brittany Blend

Sable Blend

Sable Blend*


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Keystone Compac - Straightapplication/acadapplication/pdf878 KB
Keystone Compac II - Straightapplication/acadapplication/pdf878 KB
Keystone Compac III - Straightapplication/acadapplication/pdf1 MB
Keystone Compac - Triplaneapplication/acadapplication/pdf911 KB
Keystone Compac II - Triplaneapplication/acadapplication/pdf939 KB
Keystone Compac III - Triplaneapplication/acadapplication/pdf1 MB
Keystone Standard - Straight 18inapplication/acadapplication/pdf932 KB
Keystone Standard II - Straightapplication/acadapplication/pdf925 KB
Keystone Standard III - Straight 18inapplication/acadapplication/pdf2 MB
Keystone Standard III - Straight 21inapplication/acadapplication/pdf2 MB
Keystone Standard - Triplane 18inapplication/acadapplication/pdf1.007 KB
Keystone Standard - Triplane 21inapplication/acadapplication/pdf972 KB
Keystone Standard II - Triplaneapplication/acadapplication/pdf983 KB
Keystone Standard III Triplane 18inapplication/acadapplication/pdf2 MB
Keystone Standard III - Triplane 21inapplication/acadapplication/pdf2 MB

Data Sheets

Keystone Compac II Product Informationapplication/pdf668 KB
Keystone Compac II Hewnstone Product Informationapplication/pdf626 KB
Keystone Compac II Random Score Product Informationapplication/pdf618 KB
Keystone Compac II Straight Split Product Informationapplication/pdf631 KB
Keystone Compac II Triplane Product Informationapplication/pdf609 KB
Keystone Compac II Victorian Product Informationapplication/pdf668 KB
Keystone Compac III Product Informationapplication/pdf656 KB
Keystone Compac III Hewnstone Product Informationapplication/pdf622 KB
Keystone Compac III Random Score Product Informationapplication/pdf640 KB
Keystone Compac III Straight Split Product Informationapplication/pdf614 KB
Keystone Compac III Triplane Product Informationapplication/pdf598 KB
Keystone Compac III Victorian Product Informationapplication/pdf652 KB
Keystone Standard I Product Informationapplication/pdf641 KB
Keystone Standard I Straight Split Product Informationapplication/pdf642 KB
Keystone Standard I Tri-Plane Product Informationapplication/pdf623 KB
Keystone Standard II Product Informationapplication/pdf638 KB
Keystone Standard II Straight Split Product Informationapplication/pdf626 KB
Keystone Standard II Triplane Product Informationapplication/pdf633 KB
Keystone Standard III Product Informationapplication/pdf826 KB
Keystone Standard III Straight Split Product Informationapplication/pdf622 KB
Keystone Standard III Triplane Product Informationapplication/pdf633 KB

Installation & Maintenance Guides

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Guide Specifications

Keystone Compac
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