Paver Specifications Tool

This specification tool is for U.S. only specification documents. The information entered will not be stored therefore, download or email the document for your record.

Belgard products are manufactured regionally. Before adding your first product, please check that the zip code of your upcoming project is correct.

To add additional products to this specification document base installation must be the same. For projects with multiple products and different base installations create a new project.

Additional products with the same installation method can be added at the end of each products selection criteria.




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Paver Specifications Tool

Get specifications as unique as the projects you build.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Recommended minimum paver thickness and aspect ratio for each type of traffic load index is indicated below. Please select the application for this project.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Based on the information you’ve provided, here are the Belgard Commercial products that suit your needs.

Please select the one you’d like to customize.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Please select the Shape that you would like to use with this product.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Please select the Pattern that you would like to use with this product.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Optional: How many square feet of this product does your project require?

Would you like to include additional paver material for use by Owner for maintenance and repair as attic stock?

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Paver Specifications Tool

Please select the color that is available in the market that best suits your project. If color preference is not listed contact your Belgard representative. If color name or custom color is known download Word document and add color name.

    The following colors are available outside of your projects region. Additional charges may apply, please contact your Belgard Sales Representative for more information.

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Paver Specifications Tool

Please select the Finish for your project.

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